October Game Update: Masquerade

Yay, finally some interesting news! With Halloween coming up, Nexon has posted the Update Highlights for the next update, called Masquerade. This update probably won’t feature new content, but only (Halloween related) events. It will be released to MapleStory on October 24.

Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

The Halloween events look nice, and of course, COINS. Nexon is overloading us with coins. I know there are Coin Purses, but I don’t feel like buying them. However, the events last for almost a month, so you can collect many coins and buy cool stuff from it.

Then there’s the Election event. In my opinion, it looks like the Cake & Pie event.

YES! The Beauty Coupon event is back! I think this has been one of my favourite events of all time. It’s just so funny to see how your characters hets customized every time!


As these are just the Update Highlights, there might be more in the patch. We’ll have to wait until October 24 for that.

Happy Mapling!



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