GMS v.120 – Masquerade

The Halloween update, Masquerade, has gone live today! This update features new events, and a new Marriage method. Sadly, since I won’t be able to check out the new Marriage method, I’m not going to cover it. Please read on!

Halloween Events (October 24 to November 20)

This year’s Halloween brings a lot of events to MapleStory. Down here I’ll discuss them all.

Attack of the Zombies

The event takes place in a special part of the Haunted House. In there, you can do various quests for Masked Gentleman Coins.

First, to get to this part of the Haunted House, simply click on the Dimensional Mirror and select: Haunted Mansion Secret Corridor. The NPCs here have some quests for you to complete.

However, to get to the monsters, you’ll need to board the Decapatruck (At first I read Derpatruck, LOL). After you’ve done that, you can enter the map with Ripe and Unripe Zombies, which are playing a big part in this event. In the next map, there are more monster, plus a boss. Down here is a list with all the quests (copied from the MapleStory website, but with my pictures!) :

Starting Quest: “Attack of the Zombies” in the Event Notifier

  • Quest: Locate the Masked Gentleman and complete the quest.
  • Reward: 5 Masked Gentleman Coins

Halloween Treats

  • Cassandra is giving out Masked Gentleman Coins as a Halloween Gift.
  • Starting: Talk to Cassandra
  • Reward: 2 Masked Gentleman Coins

Halloween Other Ether Gatherer


  • Cassandra needs Other Ether for her divinations
  • Quest: Fill up Cassandra’s Flask of Death by staying logged in for 30 min.
  • Reward: 1 Masked Gentleman Coin

Brain Painting


  • Help the Masked Gentleman eliminate the zombies infesting his basement
  • Quest: Eliminate these monster(s):
    • 50 Unripe Zompkins
    • 50 Ripe Zompkins
    • 30 Sophisticated Gentledeads
    • 1 Emperor Zombora
  • Reward: 4 Masked Gentleman Coins

Once Bitten, Twice Zombied

  • Help Maid get a vaccination for her zombie bite from the Masquerade Hall within 5 min.
  • Starting: Use the Dimensional Mirror to go to the Haunted Mansion and talk to Maid
  • Quest: Enter the Masquerade Hall and collect 1 undead Vaccine.
  • Reward: 3 Masked Gentleman Coins
    • 1 Masked Gentleman’s Gift Box – chance to get an item


  • Help Jonas research zombie specimens and collect 100 Zombie Cell Samples.
  • Starting: Use the Dimensional Mirror to go to the Haunted Mansion and talk to Jonas
  • Quest: Collect 100 Zombie Cell Samples in the Decapatruck
  • Reward:
    • 3 Masked Gentleman Coins
    • Restless Limb Potion 1

Spookghetti and Meatbloods


  • The Masked Gentleman needs help getting more food for his part after the zombies ate everything.
  • Starting: Talk to the Masked Gentleman in every town to start
  • Quest: Purchase or find these foods:
    • 5 Spiderweb Cupcakes
    • 5 Zombie Gut Chowders
    • 5 Gravestone Cookies
    • 5 Bat Candies
  • Rewards:
    • 4 Masked Gentleman Coins and 7 Haunted mansion Cakes


  • Someone smashed all the Masked Gentleman’s pumpkins… Go find more for his party!
  • Starting: Talk to the Masked Gentleman in every town to start
  • Quest: Collect 20 Halloween Pumpkin Pieces from Pumpkins around the hunting grounds.
  • Reward: 4 Masked Gentleman Coins

Finally, there’s the Nocturnal Merchant’s shop. He sells various items, like weapons, medals and use-items for Masked Gentleman Coins. Down here you can see some items that are sold, so you’ll have an impression of the kind of things that are sold by the merchant.

Olivia’s Haunted House

This event consists of many quests, which are done in the Haunted House in NLC, and you have to be at least level 15. The difficulty of the quests depends on your level. The level ”groups” are:

  • Lv. 15-40
  • Lv. 41-60
  • Lv. 61-200

Olivia and other NPCs have Halloween related quests for you to complete. You can get various useful use items from these quests, and for the final quest you get Olivia’s Chair:

Malady’s Secret Mission

This event is about making food, or buying equipment with coins. To start this event, you’ll need to be at least level 11, and you have to accept the quest from the Witch Malady. There are two things you can do: Find Dark Tokens or get ingredients for the recipes.

Let’s start off with the Dark Tokens. These tokens are dropped by every monster, except by Cursed Frogs and Black Cats.

With the tokens, you can buy various stuff, including belts and scrolls. See the list below for all purchasable items:


You can also make food. You can do this by bringing etc. drops from various low-level monsters. You’ll need Cursed Frog Eggs and Cursed Cat Spittle for some recipes, which are either dropped by Cursed Frogs and Cursed Cats or bought through the Token shop. See the list below for all the items you can cook:

Presidential Election Events (October 24 to November 6)

Some quests about the Election have been added. First of all, you have to choose your side. You can either choose Cole, the Elephant‘s side, or Stew, the Donkey‘s side. The Elephant represents Mitt Romney and the Donkey represents Barack Obama. To do this, accept the quest [Presidential Election] Supporters Wanted and click the side you would like to help.

After you’ve chosen your side, the corresponding NPC has some simple quests for you. By going through the portal between them, you can select the quest you’re currently working on. For example, for the first quest you have to defeat 50 Barnard Grays. By going through the portal, you’re moved to a map with Barnard Grays.

Upon completion of the quests, you receive an Election Surprise box, a buff and a Contributor Coin. Depending on who you are helping, you can get these rewards from the box:

  • Republican Supporter (medal): Req. Lvl 13; All Stats +1, ATT/M.ATT +5, DEF/M.DEF +5
  • Democrat Supporter (medal): Req. Lvl 13; All Stats +1, ATT/M.ATT +5, DEF/M.DEF +5
  • Red Elephant Balloon: ATT/M.ATT +5, DEF/M. DEF +5, 5 upgrades available, unhammered
  • Blue Donkey Balloon: ATT/M.ATT +5, DEF/M. DEF +5, 5 upgrades available, unhammered
  • Presidential Elephant Chair: 50 HP and 50 MP every 10 seconds.
  • Presidential Donkey Chair: 50 HP and 50 MP every 10 seconds.
  • Head of State Chair (rare): 100 HP and 100 MP every 10 seconds.

I don’t really get it; I got 10 Elixirs out of the box..

The last quest is repeatable every hour to obtain Contributor Badges. At Stew or Cole, you can trade these in for Campaigner Badges. By doing this, you can get:

  • Bronze Campaigner Badge: Req. Lv10; All Stats +1
  • Silver Campaigner Badge: Req. Lv10; All Stats +2
  • Gold Campaigner Badge: Req. Lv10; All Stats +3

Random Beauty Coupon Event (October 24 to November 20)

One of the funniest events of all time is back! During the event period, monsters drop a Special Beauty Coupon. This coupon randomly changes the face, skin and hair style of your character. Like the coupon description says, use it at your own risk! Your character’s appearance can be very ugly (and funny!) after the use of this item. Unfortunately the drop chance of the coupons were lowered since the previous event, but it’s still funny! Do you want to see one of my characters that has undergone a makeover? Fine! Below you can see the first three looks of my Mihile character, which I’m never playing on.


LOL! Especially number two looks so funny! You see? This is what can happen when you use the coupons.

That’s about all! I didn’t include an event for new players, who can get some useful items to get started. If you really want to see everything, have a look at the official Update Notes (which are without pictures D:).

Happy Mapling!



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