November Game Update: Rise Against

The next update, which is being released November 14th, has been announced. The update is called Rise Against, and it revamps the MechanicBattle Mage and Demon Slayer classes. It also features a new boss, a new theme dungeon and some events. Please read on to see to Update Highlights Nexon posted!

When evil forces threaten the citizens of Maple World, the Resistance rises to fight back. Now, as the biggest threat ever looms on the horizon, the Mechanic, Wild Hunter, and Battle Mage are refining their skills in preparation. Test the improved classes on the Sakura Castle Theme Dungeon and Chaos Pink Bean, the most difficult boss yet! Also be sure to check out the events scattered all across Maple World and behold the redesigned cash shop! Resistance Class Revamps

Finally some customization for your robot!

Resistance Revamp Events

That Snow White jaguar actually looks very nice!

Chaos Pink Bean

There we go. Another boss. I wonder how long it will take until the first Chaos Pink Bean is killed!

Sakura Castle Theme Dungeon (Lv. 70+)

Didn’t this castle already exist?

Red Leaf High Returning

Meh, I didn’t really like this event, but it’s nice that Nexon is bringing the event back!

Thanksgiving EventsCash Shop Revamp

Hm, I like the new interface of the Cash Shop. Everything seems clear, although I don’t really find the top bar fitting in-game.

Happy Mapling!



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