Tempest confirmed for November 29!

Rise Against has just been released, and the next update is already announced! Nexon has posted a new video of ”MapleWorld: World” which says Tempest is coming to GMS on November 29! You can check the video below:


If the Tempest update will be going on the same as it did in KMS, the update will consist of six parts. This will mean we won’t get to play Luminous, the final hero, right after the first update hits GMS. Of course, the update can differ, like Nexon did with the Ascension update (and other ones?). With Tempest, not only Luminous will be released, but Kaiser and Angelic Bu(r)ster will be released as a new character too. This is not the only content that will be added during Tempest; there’s going to be way more!

So, I don’t exactly know yet what we can expect on November 29, but I know it will be the beginning of a huge update!

Also, I’m sorry my Rise Against post isn’t here yet. I haven’t really got time to work on it since the update went live. I will finish it as soon as I have time!

Happy Mapling!



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