GMS v.124 – Tempest: Luminous

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Luminous, the final Hero class, has been released! Yeah, Luminous was actually the only content in this update, except from loads of events. I’m sorry to say, but I won’t cover the events this time. For the events, I recommend reading either this post from Ribbonpig’s blog, or this post on the official GMS website! Please read on to read about Luminous!

Nexon added two different world selection backgrounds:

Luminous(1) Luminous


Let’s start off with Luminous’s story:

During his battle with the Black Mage, Luminous along with the other Heroes, managed to seal him away. But not before the Black Mage could impart some of his darkness on to Luminous. Luminous must now learn to control the awesomely terrifying power of the Black Mage before it threatens to consume his soul and plunge him into the world of darkness.

Good thing Luminous will have some help on his journey! His trusted (and see-thru) helper, Vieren, and the first person he met after fighting the Black Mage, Laina. With the help of Vieren and Laina, will Luminous learn to wield the powers of both Light and Dark to defend Maple World before it is too late?

Basic Information

MapleStory 2012-12-09 02-16-31-02       MapleStory 2012-12-09 02-16-32-88

Luminous is the final Magician Hero class. His primary stat is INT. As Primary Weapon, Luminous uses the Shining Rod, which is a new two-handed weapon. As Secondary Equipment (sub-equip), Luminous uses a Light Orb. He is required to equip this orb, since he is not able to attack otherwise.

MapleStory 2012-12-05 22-36-50-75

The story of Luminous is focused on the dark side in GMS. You can’t choose to be on the light side in the tutorial. This also means that the storyline of Luminous is slightly different than it is in KMS.

Character Creation

MapleStory 2012-12-05 22-36-54-82

First of all, you select the Luminous button in the Class Selection screen, and you can then choose your Luminous’s name.

MapleStory 2012-12-06 00-07-30-23

Then, you can choose your Luminous to be either male or female.

MapleStory 2012-12-06 00-09-36-11

Finally, the customization screen shows up. For Luminous, you can choose between two different hair styles and eight hair colours, two different faces and the skin tones we are used to.

MapleStory 2012-12-06 00-09-43-96

After you’ve created your Luminous, you’ll see him standing on the fabulous character tree, in front of his own ‘statue’.

When you start playing on Luminous, you’ll have to go through the tutorial. I uploaded a video about the tutorial. You can watch it below:

Light/Dark System

You might have already noticed the system KMS used for Luminous’s Light/Dark “gauge”. Well, in GMS, this system is different. The Light/Dark system is a system that is used for Luminous’s skills.

At your second job advancement, you’ll notice the Dark/Light UI (above) at the top right corner of your screen. By using your light skills, the Light gauge will fill up. Once the gauge is filled entirely, you’ll see a sort of light feather lighting up at the left side of the UI. You can have a maximum of five of those things. Now, if you want to switch from light to dark, you have to use the skill ”Change Light Dark Mode”, and one dark feather will be consumed. This explained above works the same in the other way. So, by using dark skills, the Dark gauge fills up, and to switch from dark to light, you’ll  need a light feather. Of course you can use the skills that do not match your current ‘side’ too, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to earn feathers for the other side.

There are two (semi-)passive buffs: Sunfire (Only when Light) and Eclipse (Only when Dark). The buffs respectively make your light and dark  skills stronger by 50%, let the skills cost 50% less MP, and recover 1% HP per attack .

Then there will be something new when you have done your third job advancement. It’s called Equilibrium. Equilibrium is a state you’re in for a limited amount of time when you switch to Dark or Light. During this stance, there is a chance you won’t get knocked back when hit, using light skills will recover 1% of your HP per attack and using dark skills will consume 0 MP. The skills with an Equilibrium attribute, Death Scythe (3rd job) and Ender (4th job) will have both effects applied, and it’s told me that the cooldown of these two skills will be removed for a brief time as well.



  •  Flash Blink – Luminous turns into light to track enemies. The player can teleport to a random place when Luminous uses this skill in a town without monsters.
  •  Inner Light – Passive Effect: Luminous is a strong willed individual with great insight. Luminous is permanently immune to Darkness status effect. In addition, Luminous’s MP increase at level ups are increased. Raises your Willpower, Insight, and INT.
  •  Light Wash – Passive Effect: 10% of enemy DEF is ignored when you attack. You can eventually share this ability with one of your other characters in the same world.
  •  Eclipse (obtained at 2nd job advancement) – While Eclipse is active, you deal 50% more damage with Dark Magic attacks and they cost 50% less MP. Use Dark Magic attacks to charge Eclipse. Cannot be applied at the same time as Sunfire or Equilibrium.
  •  Sunfire (obtained at 2nd job advancement) – While Sunfire is active, you deal 50% more damage with Light Magic attacks and they cost 50% less MP and recovers 1% of HP. Use Light Magic attacks to charge Sunfire. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Equilibrium.
  •  Equilibrium (obtained at 3rd job advancement) – While Equilibrium is active, you will receive 1% HP per cast, 100% Bonus Damage and no cooldowns for 10 seconds. This allows you to use your most powerful spells for that duration. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Sunfire.

1st Job

  •  Flash Shower – [Light Magic] Fires a condensed orb of light. At Master Level: Damage: 280%, Max Enemies Hit: 5, hits multiple times if Sunfire is active, MP Cost: 18, Master Level: 10.
  •  Abyssal Drop – [Dark Magic] Drops a condensed orb of darkness on multiple enemies in front of you. At Master level: Damage: 107%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, hits multiple times (more when Eclipse is active), MP Cost: 19, Master Level: 10.
  •  Light Speed – Teleport in the direction you want. You will be invulnerable for a short time after teleporting. Passive Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 20 and Jump by 10, MP Cost: 20, Master Level: 10.
  •  Standard Magic Guard – Passive buff. Converts a portion of damage received to MP instead of HP. At Master Level: 85% of damage affects MP instead of HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP receives full damage. Master Level: 10.
  •  Mana Well – Increases Max MP for a short time. At Master Level: Duration: 180 secs, MP +30, Can stack with other buffs. Master Level: 20.
  •  Dark Affinity – Permanently increases light and dark Magic ATT. At Master Level: Increase light and dark magic ATT by 5%.

2nd Job

  •  Sylvan Lance – [Light Magic] Tosses a spear of light to hit multiple enemies. At Master Level: Damage: 180%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8, MP Cost: 31. Master Level: 20.
  •  Blinding Pillar – [Light Magic] Detonates a pillar of light that knocks back enemies and has a chance to stun. At Master Level: Knockback Chance: 100%, Distance: 350, Max Enemies Hit: 10, MP Cost: 15, Master Level: 10.
  •  Pressure Void – [Dark Magic] Direct an orb of darkness to batter enemies. You can move the orb by holding the skill key and steering with the directional keys. At Master Level: Damage 168%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Maximum Range: 350 to right and left of character, MP Cost: 15, Master Level: 20.
  •  Black Blessing – A dark orb forms when you evade attacks for a short time in battle. Accumulating orbs will also increase Magic ATT. If you take damage, one orb will be destroyed and absorb some of the damage. At Master Level: 1 Orb: 50% increase in Magic ATT, 2 Orbs: 30% increase in Magic ATT, 3 Orbs: 20% increase in Magic ATT, Master Level: 20.
  •  Magic Booster – Increase the attack speed of your weapon. Must have Katara equipped. At Master Level: Attack Speed +2 for 180 secs. Master Level: 10.
  •  Spell Mastery – Magic Mastery and Magic ATT increase. At Master Level: Magic Mastery :50%, Magic ATT: +10. Mastery Level: 10.
  •  High Wisdom – Permanently increases INT. At Master Level: Increase INT by 40, Mastery Level: 5.

3rd Job

  •  Spectral Light – [Light Magic] Fires controllable beams of light. You can steer the beams by holding the skill button and using the directional keys. At Master Level: Damage: 340%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 4, Master Level: 20.
  •  Ray of Redemption – [Light Magic] Heal your party members and deal damage to enemies with the power of light. At Master Level: 6 enemies within range Damage: 180%, Recovery: 800%, Master Level: 20.
  •  Moonlight Spear – [Dark Magic] Fires a chain of dark moonlight from under the enemies’ feet. At Master Level: Damage: 361%, Max enemies hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 2, MP Cost: 75, Master Level: 20.
  •  Death Scythe – [Equilibrium] A scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies. At Master Level: Damage: 230%, Number of Attacks – 6, Max enemies hit: 10, MP Cost: 120, Cooldown: 24 secs, Master Level: 20.
  •  Shadow Shell – Deflect all abnormal status effects. The shell breaks and must cooldown after a certain number of deflected status effects. Passively increases resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects. At Master level: Ignore abnormal status 3 times, Cooldown: 300 secs when broken. Passive effect: Increase resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects by 40%, Master Level: 10.
  •  Dusk Guard – Temporarily increase Physical and Magic DEF and has a chance to ignore damage. At Master Level: Duration: 180 secs, Weapon/Magic DEF: +300, 20% chance to ignore damage, MP Cost: 76, Master Level: 10.
  •  Photic Meditation – Temporarily increases party Magic ATT. Stacks with Meditation. At Master Level: Duration: 180 secs, MP Cost: 55, Increases Party Magic ATT: 40. Master Level: 20.
  •  Lunar Tide – Increase either Critical Rate or ATT, depending on your HP and MP. At Master Level: When MP is greater than HP, damage increases by 20%. When MP is lower than HP, Critical Rate increases by 30%. Master Level: 20.

4th Job

  •  Reflection – [Light Magic] Emit a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage. At Master Level: Damage: 420%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max enemies hit: 8, MP Cost: 81. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Morning Star – [Dark Magic] Drops explosive meteors on enemies. At Master Level: Explosion Damage: 370%, Knockback Damage: 180%, Max enemies hit: 8, MP Cost 50, Cooldown: 5 secs. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Apocalypse – [Dark Magic] Opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy. At Master Level: Damage: 350%, Max enemies hit: 8, MP Cost: 100. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  • Ender – [Equilibrium] Attacks enemies with a giant blade that instantly eliminates them. Deals great damage to monsters that do not fall instantly. At Master Level: Max Instant KO’s: 2, For enemies that cannot be instant KO’d: Damage: 333%, Number of Attacks: 7, every attack will be critical. Cooldown: 12 secs. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Dark Crescendo – Has a chance to increase damage with each consecutive hit for a short period of time. At Master level: For 180 secs, chance to increase Damage with each hit: 80%, Damage 1%, can stack up to 30 times. MP Cost: 80. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Arcane Pitch – Ignore DEF and increase Critical Rate for a short period of time. At Master Level: Duration 180 secs, Ignore DEF: 100%. MP Cost: 85. Master Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Magic Mastery – Magic Mastery and Magic ATT increase. At Master Level: Mastery: +70%, Magic ATT: +30, Minimum Critical Damage: +15, Mastery Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.
  •  Darkness Mastery – The buff duration of Equilibrium and the restoring speeds of both light and dark skills increase. Also increases the ATT of “Death Scythe” skill. Mastery Level: 5. Required Skill: Death Scythe Lv.10
  •  Maple Warrior – Temporarily increases the stats of all team members. At Mastery Level: All Stats: +15, Duration: 900 secs, MP Cost: 70. Mastery Level: 30. Requires Mastery Books to obtain max level.

Happy Mapling!


P.S: Pictures of the Dark/Light system and skill icons to be added soon!


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