Final Tempest Update Announced: Root Abyss!

[Update] Click here to check the new teaser page for Root Abyss!
Root Abyss

Everyone thought the Tempest update was all done, but there’s more! On January 16, Nexon will bring us the all new Root Abyss, which isn’t even released in KMS yet. In Root Abyss, located in Sleepy Wood, you have to save Alice from four bosses. Please read on for more information about the bosses!

 Von Bon

The first boss is Von Bon, which is a chicken.


The second boss is Pierre, which is a clown.

Crimson Queen

The third boss is the Crimson Queen, who is obviously a queen.


The final boss is Vellum, a kind of dragon/worm thing.

Nexon also uploaded a video to YouTube, which you can watch below:

When the update is released I will have more information about this update, but I’ll finish the Angelic Buster post first!

Happy Mapling!



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