GMS v.128 – Year of the Snake!

Year of the Snake

A couple of days ago, the new update called Year of the Snake was released. 2013 is the year of the snake. For more information about that, check this Wikipedia page. Since this update consists of a bunch of events and very little new content, and I usually don’t cover events, this post is going to be very short! Please read on.

v.128 Background

This is the new world selection screen background. For some reason, a piece on the bottom has been cut off..


Tot’s Know How


For people up to level 60, a new guide system has been added! This system is called Tot’s Know How. Tot highlights important quests, and he will also give you some lessons about useful things in MapleStory.

                                                                                         MapleStory 2013-02-08 18-47-45-60MapleStory 2013-02-08 18-47-48-26

To open Tot’s Know How UI, click on Tot’s icon on the left of your screen, or press the (default) button “

MapleStory 2013-02-08 20-13-14-27

In this window, you’ll see some buttons: Required, Recommended and Know-How. There’s also the present icon, which I will talk about later.

MapleStory 2013-02-08 18-56-24-58

The Required button shows you the quests you must do. These are Job-Advancement quests and SP rewards.

MapleStory 2013-02-08 18-56-10-83

The Recommended button shows you the quests that are useful. These quests aren’t required, but they’ll help you leveling up!

MapleStory 2013-02-08 20-00-29-56

For example, if you click on the Chryse quests, another window appears, showing you the quest description, rewards and NPCs involved in the quest.

MapleStory 2013-02-08 20-04-51-45

The Know-How button shows you various tips that might come out handy while exploring the Maple World. This is actually very nice, since you’ll get many rewards for “completing” the tips.

For example, for the tip [Education] Changing Hair and Face, you’ll get a VIP Hair Style Coupon just for reading some information about the coupons!

MapleStory 2013-02-08 19-13-21-78

Simply click the Accept button and you’ll be rewarded with a coupon. For some tips you only get the item it is about, but sometimes you’ll be rewarded with other items like potions as well.

Note that you can see tips that are “lower-leveled” under the Replay tab.

MapleStory 2013-02-08 19-38-26-29

Then there’s the present icon. At level 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60, Tot will give you an Equipment Box, which contains the equipment for a certain level. According to Nexon, you have to select the reward you want, and then click the Reward butt. There’s also the button “Know-How Clear“. I don’t know what kind of reward you get from this, but I guess it’s another set of armor, or potions or whatever!


New Character Creation Screen

MapleStory 2013-02-08 20-24-17-93

The Character Creation screen has been renewed! All the tiles that showed up all in one screen have been placed in one long row. The selected button is now blue, and the other, unselected ones are now brown-ish. This new screen is way more practical, since it now shows you the description and story of that class, and it also shows you the full picture, which is way better than just a part of it!



Speaking of the Character Creation,the description of two characters from JMS, Hayato and Kanna have been found in GMS’s data! It’s in English, so there’s a possibility that we might be getting these two classes soon! If I’m right, there were also some item sets of these classes in the data.


Happy Mapling!



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