Global MapleStory’s 8th Anniversary!

It’s finally there. The day Global MapleStory celebrates its official 8th Anniversary! To make this a special day, Nexon has prepared some awesome events for us. This includes a 24-hour 2x EXP & Drop event, a Hot Day and GM Events. Please read on!

I’ll start with the 24-hour 2x EXP & Drop event. Like the name of the event says, there’s a 2x EXP and Drop rate all day (12 AM – 11:59 PM Pacific)! There’s a 2x event tomorrow as well, which is from 5 PM – 9 PM Pacific.

Next up is the Hot Weekend. The first Hot Day is on the anniversary itself (today). When you login, you will receive a message in which you van receive a gift box that contains 8th Anniversary Coin (x10) and a White Angelic Blessing (30 days).

Tomorrow, on May 12, there’s another Hot Day where you can obtain a Hero Hat Box.

Finally, there are some GM events. Today, from 8 AM to 11 PM Pacific GMs (Game Masters) will be running various events (expect monster/boss summons and map events) in all worlds.

For the exact times there will be a GM event in your world, check the box below.



Khaini Renegades Scania
11 AM – 12 PM
(2 PM – 3 PM)
11 AM – 12 PM
(2 PM – 3 PM)
12 PM – 1 PM
(3 PM – 4 PM)
1 PM – 2 PM
(4 PM – 5 PM)
2 PM – 3 PM
(5 PM – 6 PM)
4 PM – 5 PM
(7 PM – 8 PM)
Broa Windia BelloNova
5 PM – 6 PM
(8 PM – 9 PM)
6 PM – 7 PM
(9 PM – 10 PM)
7 PM – 8 PM
(10 PM – 11 PM)

Not only today, but throughout the whole month of May, GMs will pop up in the game!

Happy 8th Anniversary, MapleStory!



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