GMS v.135 – Monster Life

Monster Life

Monster Life was released to GMS today! This update brings the all new Monster Life, a farm-like game inside MapleStory. You can build houses, tame monsters, decorate your farm, and more! Also, a lot of Spring-related events have started; I recommend reading the official Update Notes for more information about those.

Nexon also uploaded a Monster Life trailer:

Please read on!

Here’s the new world selection background:

MapleStory 2013-05-22 19-58-20-49

Monster Life

As I already wrote above, Monster Life is a farm-like game inside MapleStory where you can do a lot of things. In this post I will talk about most of the game’s features, such as taming monsters, building houses and decorating your farm.

I’ll start with the most basic stuff you must know:

  • You can have one farm per account and you can access your farm from all worlds.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-04-54-15

  • Monster Life doesn’t use Mesos, but Waru. You can buy almost everything with Waru in Monster Life. There are also gems, which can be bought with NX.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-00-02-86

  • You can access your farm by clicking the “house” button on the bottom of your screen.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-00-42-59

  • Your farm’s can consist of 4 – 12 characters. You can also upload a picture for your farm.

First of all, I’m going to talk about the most important feature of Monster Life, which is the farm. You start off with totally nothing, except for a town centre building.


MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-00-19-73

When you arrive at your farm for the first time, you’ll get a quest that introduces you to the game. From this point and on, you can enjoy the quest line, but you can also do repeatable quests. All quests in Monster Life have to do with your monsters, buildings, and they reward you with Waru, experience and items to use in your farm!

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-03-33-05

Note that for the features coming next, such as the shop and achievements, are also accessible through the mirror icon on the bottom of your screen, which takes you to an awesome looking room.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-02-26-05


MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-03-11-31

Then there’s the shopJimmy Jack, the shopkeeper can be accessed by clicking the shop button on the bottom right while in Monster Life. Jimmy Jack sells all kinds of stuff: houses, monsters, decor, and also Monster Expansions coupons and other stuff like that (which probably cost gems).

Decorating your farm

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-08-38-28

Now comes the funny part. After either obtaining Monster Life items from quests or buying stuff from the shop, you can start decorating your farm! You can place buildings, roads, as well as decors (think of fences and flowers, etc.) in your farm.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-05-45-96

Houses generate Waru every 10 minutes, and you can get Aesthetic Points for placing items in your farm. These aesthetic points are needed for perks, such as getting discount in the shop, or expanding the maximum amount of Waru that can be stored in a house before harvesting it.


MapleStory 2013-05-23 01-05-06-60

There are a lot of achievements that you can try to achieve. You can view your goals by clicking on the wrapped scroll icon, then clicking on Jules.


MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-05-25-09

Monsters are playing another important part in Monster Life, and there are actually hundreds of them! You can obtain a monster through quests, buying them from Jimmy Jack’s shop, buying them from the Cash Shop, or getting them through combining (which I will explain later in this post.)

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-07-33-31

After you have obtained a monster, you can place it on your farm, however, you can’t have as many monsters as you like. Starting from a maximum of two monsters at level 1, you can have up to 18 monsters at level 40.

MapleStory 2013-05-22 20-06-24-06

Monsters also have levels. By petting and nurturing them, your monsters can reach a maximum level of 40. You also earn Waru from holding monsters. You can play with a monster 20 times a day, and nurture them three times a day. A monster expires after 30 days, meaning it cannot be combined or provide potential. You can, however, still level them up (I suppose).

Like I wrote a few lines back, your monsters can provide Potential. Depending on what the monster’s type and rank is, it can give the following bonuses in MapleStory:

  • Mushrooms: Discount on Monster Life Shop products
  • Pigs: Max HP
  • Yetis & Pepes: Minion duration
  • Homuns: Skill MP cost
  • Slimes & Snails: MP each 10 sec
  • Plants: HP each 10 sec
  • Golems: Weapon DEF
  • Dragons: Final blow has chance of regaining HP
  • Cats: Luck
  • Canine: Strength, Luck
  • Birds: Dexterity
  • Bovines: Strength
  • Reptiles: Dexterity, Intelligence
  • Monkeys & Bears: Accuracy
  • Fairies: Max MP
  • Devils: Intelligence, Dexterity
  • Soldiers: Strength, Intelligence
  • Dolls & Toys: Mesos obtained
  • Non-Humans: Intelligence
  • Undead: EXP loss per death
  • Ghost: Final blow has chance of regaining MP
  • Spirits: Magic DEF

MapleStory 2013-05-23 00-58-51-61

The last thing I would like to say about monsters is combining. You can combine your own monsters with monsters from other people’s farms to obtain new types of monsters.

MapleStory 2013-05-23 00-58-38-06

Simply visit someone else’s farm and right-click a monster, followed by selecting the “Combine” button. You can use your own monsters as many times as you want, but you can use other people’s monsters only once a day.

Two important things to know when combining:

  • Your monster needs to be at least level three to be able to combine.
  • Both monster going through the combining process will not be lost.


MapleStory 2013-05-23 01-03-30-89

You can also have friends in Monster Life. You have to find your friends all over again (which is logical, because otherwise all of your friends from all of your characters from all of the worlds you play in had to be imported). After you have added a friend, you can visit each other’s farm, visit each other’s home page, as well as send a message. You can actually chat with all people all over MapleStory, as long as you are both online on Monster Life.

MapleStory 2013-05-23 01-07-15-26

Like I wrote a few lines back, each player has a Home Page. This Home Page is like a guest book. People who have visited your farm can leave a message in it.

I hope you now know the basics of this game!

Happy Mapling!


P.S: I think Nexon messed up my farm. After I disconnected earlier today, my farm was reset, including buildings and quests, not my monsters. Due to the fact I still have a name for my farm and I can’t find a way to rename my farm, I think I won’t be able to do anything with my farm until this is fixed, since the quest I currently have is “Name your farm”. I also have 0 Waru, which means I cannot buy anything.


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