September Game Update: Cygnus Awakening

Finally, there’s some news about Global MapleStory! Nexon recently announced that the new update, called Cygnus Awakening is to be released on September 5th. This update will include revamps of three Cygnus Knight classes, as well as the new 1366×768 resolution, a new chat system and more! Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

Experience three Cygnus Knights like never before in the Cygnus Awakening update! Thunder Breakers, Wind Archers, and Dawn Warriors have awakened their true power with new skills and a higher level cap, and new dungeons, quests, and events are popping up all over Maple World!

Cygnus Knights Awakened

All Cygnus Knights have a new look, but Dawn Warriors, Wind Archers, and Thunder Breakers have a new style too. All three Knights have had their level cap raised from 120 to 250, and they’ve learned loads of powerful new skills, including a new link skill!


User Interface Update

Check out fresh new additions to the UI, which now includes widescreen resolution support (1366 x 768)! An option to simplify tooltips has been added, and link skill management has been streamlined. In addition to all the UI updates, Henesys has been renovated with new background, buildings, NPC art updates, and more!


New Chat System

The new version of the chat system allows players to chat and use new animated emoticons and social features with up to five friends or random players. Players can “Like” other characters, and those with the most “Likes” will be featured as the Weekly Maple Star on the chat menu!


New Dungeons

Enjoy three new theme dungeons: Ellinel Fairy Academy (Lv.30+), Riena Strait (Lv.50+), and a new section of Crimsonwood Keep (Lv.130+)! Monster Park Extreme returns for Lv.70 – 140, and Monster Park has been revamped with six new zones and updates to older ones; Monster Park will also now be available for all levels from Lv.60+.


Revamped Party Quests

Take part in the new Crimsonwood Altar party quest (Lv.130 – 200) located in the Crimsonwood Keep theme dungeon and defeat five Twisted Masters! Some existing party quests also have a lower level requirement, better reward stats, and a higher EXP bonus. Party quest entry has been streamlined, with most entry NPCs now in one map.


New Events

Enjoy lots of new and returning events, including a Mabinogi crossover event featuring the famous Nao and a gift box giveaway! There’s also Maple Special Week (an attendance event that also has 1.5x EXP for most party quests and 2x drop rate for certain bosses), Spiegelmann’s Artifact Hunt (hunt monsters and collect Mysterious Artifacts), and the Picnic Basket event (fill your picnic basket to get special rewards)!

BorderFooterHappy Mapling!



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