MapleStory: RED – Teaser Page

RED bg

The next update for GMS has been announced a couple of days ago, which is the RED update. This update will feature a complete Explorers overhaul, a new Dawnveil region, a revamped profession system, and a new playable character, Zero. Nexon has released a teaser page, along with an anime video for this big update. Please read on!

I’ll start with the anime video. It’s actually the same video that Nexon Korea uploaded a few months ago, but it has been dubbed into English. You can watch it below. It’s still pretty awesome!

Explorers look

Now, I’ll go over the main features in RED. First of all, there’s the Explorers Revamp. Literally everything will change. Their skills, and even their look/art.


They will also get new customization options.


Next, there’s the new region in Dawnveil, called Commerci, the trade republic. Not much is known about this area yet, but there are some things we do know: Commerci has a day/night cycle where you will find different monsters in both of them. You will also be able to fight sea bosses.


The Profession System will get a revamp too. For example, new ranks have been added, and you will be able to craft Miracle Cubes, that used to be available only in the Cash Shop.


Finally, the new playable character, Zero, will be released. Zero actually consists of two characters who you can control at the same time, Alpha and Beta. Both Alpha and Beta have their own skills.

As far as I know, there isn’t a known release date for this update yet. There is a possibility that it will be released on Wednesday, December 4th, since most events end on Tuesday. Anyway, I will update this post as soon as I find out!

Happy Mapling!



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