Beast Tamer Teaser Page!

Beast Tamer logo

A couple of days ago a new playable character class was announced by Nexon, called the Beast Tamer. This character uses a ton of skills using her bear, snow leopard, hawk, and cat. Nexon has also released Beast Tamer’s Teaser Pagewhere you currently cannot see a lot of information, other than a weird (but cute) animated video that you can also watch below.

Spadow has also uploaded a very informative video of the Chinese MapleStory Test Server where you can see a lot of the Beast Tamer’s Skills. As you can see in the video, Beast Tamer’s ‘map’ is located in Dawnveil, just under Commerci.

I’m told that Beast Tamer will be released in GMS, JMS and CMS on January 15, but I’m not completely sure about that. I’ll let you know when there’s more information.

Happy Mapling!



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