Return to Masteria – Update Highlights

A new update has been announced: Return to Masteria! This update doesn’t include much, but a nice thing is that we will be seeing the return of the old Masteria! So no more aliens I guess?! Along with this, there will be a small addition to Commerci. This will all be released on February 12. Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

The long-awaited update to one of MapleStory’s most popular regions is here!

Grab some friends and experience the original Masteria anew, engage in exciting trade battles with your friends, then enjoy event after event after event! Take part in the Kaleido-Spinner Event, Lucky Lucky Monstory event, Maple Special Week, and lots more in the Return to Masteria update!

Masteria Update

Masteria is going back to its roots with this exciting new update. The previous map layout and quests have returned, including the challenging Phantom Forest Maze and the Valley of Heroes jump quest. Trouble abounds, so be on your guard!


Merchant Trade Voyage

Grab some friends and start a party, then speak to Maestra Fiametta in Commerci to set sail on an exciting trade voyage! Fight wave after wave of bosses with your buddies by your side. Emerge victorious and you’ll enjoy glorious rewards!


Kaleido-Spinner Madness

If you prefer hunting monsters to battling bosses, then the Kaleido-Spinner Event is right up your alley. Hunt monsters and collect the Kaleido-Spinner Coupons they drop, then bring the coupons to Dizzy to use at the Kaleido-Spinner (located in the Event Hall) to gain rewards such as consumable items, scrolls, chairs, and ultimate weapons!


But Wait… There’s More!

The monsters may not be too lucky in the Lucky Lucky Monstory event, but you sure will be! Hunt those evil critters down, collect Monster Cards, and win random buffs. To round the season out, Maple Special Week will be returning, giving you the chance to win a Super Weekend Ring and Weekend Teleport Rock. So many events!! How can Maple World even contain them all?


Oh yeah, there’s one more thing that I want to say. As you might have noticed, I’m way less active on my blog lately, and that’s just because this is a really tough year at school. I will still be posting the update highlights and I’m also trying to upload as many videos as I can, but you’ll be seeing a lot less post where I actually check all the new content out.

Anyway, happy Mapling!



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