Grand Athenaeum coming March 26th!

The Update Highlights for Grand Athenaeum have been posted by Nexon. Along with that, we now know that this update is going to be released on March 26th. Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

Spring has come to Maple World, and with it a veritable mountain of new content!

Grab some friends and battle it out in the Boss Arena or team up for party quests with players from other worlds! Take part in spring and Easter-themed events and get ready for MapleStory’s biggest party—the 9th Anniversary Celebration! Read on for all the juicy details coming in the Grand Athenaeum update:

New Theme Dungeon: Grand Athenaeum

Explore the Grand Athenaeum, a new theme dungeon for players Lv.100 and above, and relive important events from Maple World’s history. Enter a Dimensional Mirror and speak to NPC Skylark Rita to enter a living storybook. Complete three special episodes and earn bragging rights with unique medals and more!


New PvP Area: Boss Arena

Who’s the boss? You’re the boss! Enter the Boss Arena (Lv.60+) and face other Maplers in intense PvP combat. Take control of boss monsters like Magnus, Ani, Arkarium, Dragonoir, Cygnus or Von Leon, or test your mettle against a player-controlled boss in two 5-minute rounds. Crush your foes or survive a boss’ assaults and you’ll earn a special emblem!


Skill Revamps

Dual Blades and Cannoneers are about to get way more awesome. In addition to exciting new skills like Blade Ascension and Monkey Fury, these two stalwart classes are having their old skills overhauled. These bad boys aren’t the only classes to get an upgrade—Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic are getting their skills revamped as well!


Cross World Party Quests

Maple World is about to get integrated. No longer will Windia and Bellocan be kept apart like Romeo and Juliet- the revolution is now! With this new update, you can embark on party quests with players from other worlds. The available party quest rotates every 2 weeks, and you can set out on Lv. 50+ quests like “Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake” and “First Time Together”. Earn EXP and Party Points, which can be redeemed for special rewards. Clear a quest as quickly as possible and you’ll have your name entered in the Ranking Bulletin Board for all to see!


Spring and Easter Events

Spring is here, and the Spring Bunnies need your help! Protect the Spring Bunny Family from dastardly Space Pirates and receive Spring Bunny Coins, exchangeable for scrolls and other items! But wait, there’s more! Celebrate Easter by collecting Easter Eggs. Collect enough and you’ll earn yourself a Moon Bunny costume! You can hop into these events starting in April.


Do I see a different damage skin in the Cross World Party Quests section? It would be nice if we’re getting them already.



2 thoughts on “Grand Athenaeum coming March 26th!

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get a comment on my posts ever again! The main reason I quit my blog back in 2014 was that I was in my last year of high school (or an equivalent of it), and I simply didn’t have enough time to write posts. I would dedicate whole weekends to gathering information, taking screenshots and stuff like that. I couldn’t combine that with all my school work. I feel like it’s been stupid of me to not let you guys know that I would be quitting the blog back then, but yeah, I can’t change much about that two and a half years later.

      I am currently attending university, and I’m really enjoying it. I still am quite busy, although I do see continuing this blog an option, as I feel like I have more spare time than I had in 2014. The recent update, V, has kind of brought my interest back to this game (which was gone for the most part), so who knows, I might make a return to this blog :).

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