Hey guys. So you might be thinking, where’s the post about Cygnus Awakening. I actually didn’t forget about my blog; I’ve just been very busy for the last two weeks, and I’m not going to be able to publish a post about Cygnus Awakening. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have time at the moment, and I hope you can understand that. I am sure that I will be back when the next update is coming out, though! I’ll see you later!



September Game Update: Cygnus Awakening

Finally, there’s some news about Global MapleStory! Nexon recently announced that the new update, called Cygnus Awakening is to be released on September 5th. This update will include revamps of three Cygnus Knight classes, as well as the new 1366×768 resolution, a new chat system and more! Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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I’m home!

Yes,  I’m home! I’ve really enjoyed my holiday, and I’m tired now, so this is gonna be a short post. In my last post, I already said that I wasn’t sure if I would have Internet. Well, I didn’t have Internet. That’s why I didn’t publish a post about the Demon Avenger.


This is the view from our apartment. It’s beautiful in my opinion.

I think I’m gonna skip the post about the Demon Avenger, because most of you have probably already read about it. Also,  I noticed that my blog recently hit 100,000 views! Thanks a lot guys!


Second Anniversary & Vacation

First of all, I would like to say that tomorrow, July 20, my blog will have its second anniversary! The reason that I’m writing this post now is that I’m going on vacation tomorrow, which is the second subject of this post.


So yeah, tomorrow, my blog will have its second anniversary. I can’t believe that my blog already exists for two years now. Back in 2011, I really didn’t think I would get a lot of  visitors, but now I’m happy to announce some awesome achievements:

  • In two years, I have almost gotten 100,000 blog views. (less than 400 to go at the moment of writing this)
  • Out of these 100,000 views, 64,329 different people have visited my blog.
  • These 64,329 visitors have 133 different nationalities.
  • The country that has visited my blog the most is the United States, with 26,000 views!

Thanks a lot to all of you and I really hope I can write a similar post next year!


Also, I’m going on vacaction tomorrow. For two weeks, from July 20 until August 3, I’ll be in Austria (again, but somewhere else this time though). Tomorrow, I’m leaving home at around 8 AM, and at around 9 PM, we’ll arrive at our destination (we’re going by train). I most likely won’t be able to write on my blog during my vacation, because I don’t think there will be wi-fi. Because of this, I probably won’t be able to write a post about the new playable class, Demon Avenger, either. If I will be able to do that, that would be great, but again, I’m not sure.

Anyway, thanks again for your continuing support, and I hope to be able to write on my blog soon!


GMS v.137 – Unleashed

global-sb9809ff708 (1)

The huge update Unleashed has hit GMS! This update brings a lot of new stuff to MapleStory, such as the level cap that has been raised, new high-leveled theme dungeons (level 200+), a whole new UI, a new Party Quest, and a lot more. There were also some changes to existing maps. Before I am going to write about all the new content, you should know that I can’t take pictures in some of the maps because of the level requirement. Please read on!

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