Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum

After taking a break of more than a month, I finally feel like blogging again! In my last post I said that I was gonna write a complete post about the next update in MapleStory. Well, it seems that things turned out differently. This Friday, I came back from a schooltrip to Italy. We had lots of fun there! Anyway, I didn’t expect an update to be released while I was away.  The update is already out for five days now, so I think it would be a little pointless to write a complete post about it. I’ll just go over the most important things in the update Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum! Please read on.

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Final Tempest Update Announced: Root Abyss!

[Update] Click here to check the new teaser page for Root Abyss!
Root Abyss

Everyone thought the Tempest update was all done, but there’s more! On January 16, Nexon will bring us the all new Root Abyss, which isn’t even released in KMS yet. In Root Abyss, located in Sleepy Wood, you have to save Alice from four bosses. Please read on for more information about the bosses!

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