Return to Masteria – Update Highlights

A new update has been announced: Return to Masteria! This update doesn’t include much, but a nice thing is that we will be seeing the return of the old Masteria! So no more aliens I guess?! Along with this, there will be a small addition to Commerci. This will all be released on February 12. Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum

After taking a break of more than a month, I finally feel like blogging again! In my last post I said that I was gonna write a complete post about the next update in MapleStory. Well, it seems that things turned out differently. This Friday, I came back from a schooltrip to Italy. We had lots of fun there! Anyway, I didn’t expect an update to be released while I was away.  The update is already out for five days now, so I think it would be a little pointless to write a complete post about it. I’ll just go over the most important things in the update Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum! Please read on.

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