RED: First Impact – Update Highlights

The Update Highlights for RED: First Impact have been posted by Nexon. Not a lot of new things have been announced since my last post, only Jett’s Hyper Skills are new. Anyway, please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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GMS v.132 – Hyper Evolution

Hyper Evolution logo

Hyper Evolution has been released! This new update features a lot of new content, like Hyper Skills and other skill updates, the Evolution System, a new Theme Dungeon, Kerning Square Renovation and much more!

Nexon uploaded a video about this update that you can watch below:

Please read on to see more detailed information about this update!

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Hyper Evolution – Update Highlights!

About two weeks ago, a forum mod of the MapleStory forums posted that the next update would be featuring the Hyper Skills for the remaining classes. Nexon kept their word and announced the upcoming update coming on April 3, called Hyper Evolution. The name for this update is actually a combination of two features in this update: The Hyper Skills and the Evolution System. To read more about what’s coming on April 3, read on to see Nexon’s Update Highlights!

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Tempest: Kaiser – Update Highlights

The Update Highlights for the upcoming Tempest update that will be released on December 17th have been posted! This update doesn’t only include Kaiser, it includes Magnus and the Hyper Skills too! Oh, and if you’re wondering if my post about Luminous is still coming, then my answer is: Yes, I will post it as soon as I have time for it. You can already check out a video of the tutorial of Luminous that I posted on YouTube:


Anyway, please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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