Grand Athenaeum coming March 26th!

The Update Highlights for Grand Athenaeum have been posted by Nexon. Along with that, we now know that this update is going to be released on March 26th. Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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RED: First Impact – Update Highlights

The Update Highlights for RED: First Impact have been posted by Nexon. Not a lot of new things have been announced since my last post, only Jett’s Hyper Skills are new. Anyway, please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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GMS v.121 – Rise Against

The new update called Rise Against has been released! This update brings some new and changed content to MapleStory. The Resistance classes have got some skill changes, and there are some changes for the Battle Square and Hilla Expedition too. Other than that, the Cash Shop has been totally revamped. Lastly, there’s some new content, which includes a new boss: Chaos Pink Bean and a new theme dungeon: Sakura Castle. Oh, and of course there are some new events! Please read on!

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GMS v.115 – Mutiny

[Update] Added two videos in this post: Dual Blade’s Tutorial and Hilla Boss Fight Fail.

The new update, Mutiny has been released! This update features the all new Pirate and Dual Blade class, as well as a reorganized Mu Lung Dojo, Silent Crusade and Temple of TimeHilla has been added as a boss, and a new theme dungeon has been added: Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery. Not only this, but a lot more has happened in the Maple World. Please read on!

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August Game Update: Mutiny

[Update] Click here to download the manual patch: v.114 to v.115! Maintenance will be done at 4 AM Pacific! is now finished!

Hey guys, I’m back home! I actually wanted to write this post a bit earlier, because I had wi-fi in the train I was in. Unfortunately some things went wrong and ”poof!” said my connection. Anyways, the Mutiny update is coming soon to GMS! This update will include the Pirate & Dual Blade Revamp, a new theme-dungeon called Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery, new events and more, which we could have checked out in the ”v.115 – Mutiny Update Notes”. This update will probably come on August 8, since the Renegades Festival event ends on August 7. Please read on!

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