RED: Zero – Update Highlights

RED’s second update, Zero, has been announced. This new playable character is being released on December 18th and Nexon has published the Update Highlights and a trailer of the update.

Oh, and before I show you the Update Highlights, I want to say this: I’m truly sorry I haven’t published a post about the first RED update, First Impact, yet. Again, the problem is that I’m just too busy to spend enough time on my blog. I will, however, upload a video of the new Explorer’s tutorial, and I will write a post about Zero, when it’s released.

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RED: First Impact – Update Highlights

The Update Highlights for RED: First Impact have been posted by Nexon. Not a lot of new things have been announced since my last post, only Jett’s Hyper Skills are new. Anyway, please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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September Game Update: Cygnus Awakening

Finally, there’s some news about Global MapleStory! Nexon recently announced that the new update, called Cygnus Awakening is to be released on September 5th. This update will include revamps of three Cygnus Knight classes, as well as the new 1366×768 resolution, a new chat system and more! Please read on to see the Update Highlights!

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Monster Life – Update Highlights


Nexon just announced the second update of May, called Monster Life. Monster Life is a farm game (think of FarmVille) which we can access from the game. In Monster Life, we can build houses, plant and harvest crops, and the part I enjoy the most, raise monsters. There are over a hundred monsters you can get!
We can expect this update on May 22 and if you would like to see the Update Highlights, please read on.
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Super 8th Anniversary – Update Highlights

On May 11th, Global MapleStory will have its 8th anniversary! I can still remember when I started playing GMS back in 2006… It was like how KMS is for me now: I couldn’t understand English, haha. Anyway, starting May 1st, many anniversary-related events will start. You will most likely see some familiar events, like the board game, as well as growing maple trees in your Item Pot.

Please read on to see the Update Highlights for Super 8th Anniversary!

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Hyper Evolution – Update Highlights!

About two weeks ago, a forum mod of the MapleStory forums posted that the next update would be featuring the Hyper Skills for the remaining classes. Nexon kept their word and announced the upcoming update coming on April 3, called Hyper Evolution. The name for this update is actually a combination of two features in this update: The Hyper Skills and the Evolution System. To read more about what’s coming on April 3, read on to see Nexon’s Update Highlights!

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