March Game Update: Grand Athenaeum

[Update] – The release date of the update has been confirmed. Grand Athenaeum will hit GMS on March 26th!

It has been a long time since there was something exciting going on in the Maple World, but finally there’s some news. An Update Spotlight video about the upcoming update Grand Athenaeum has been uploaded to YouTube a just now. It features quite some new content. For example, Boss Battle will be made available, a new Theme Dungeon called Grand Athenaeum will be added, and more. I guess there isn’t much to explain for me; everything that you need to know is explained in the video below!

Once more information becomes available, I’ll let you guys know!



MapleStory: RED – Teaser Page

RED bg

The next update for GMS has been announced a couple of days ago, which is the RED update. This update will feature a complete Explorers overhaul, a new Dawnveil region, a revamped profession system, and a new playable character, Zero. Nexon has released a teaser page, along with an anime video for this big update. Please read on!

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August Game Update: Mutiny

[Update] Click here to download the manual patch: v.114 to v.115! Maintenance will be done at 4 AM Pacific! is now finished!

Hey guys, I’m back home! I actually wanted to write this post a bit earlier, because I had wi-fi in the train I was in. Unfortunately some things went wrong and ”poof!” said my connection. Anyways, the Mutiny update is coming soon to GMS! This update will include the Pirate & Dual Blade Revamp, a new theme-dungeon called Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery, new events and more, which we could have checked out in the ”v.115 – Mutiny Update Notes”. This update will probably come on August 8, since the Renegades Festival event ends on August 7. Please read on!

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Azwan Trailer leaked?

It seems like the trailer for the upcoming update in GMS has been leaked! It was posted by Mr. Basil on basilmarket. Nexon hasn’t even posted it yet. Anyways, you can watch the trailer below:

I think Nexon themselves will post this video in two days.

Happy Mapling!


P.S: My blog will turn one year old in only six days!

GMS v.112 – Renegades: Phantom

[Update] Added one event at the bottom of this post.

The new character, Phantom, has been released! Phantom is the Thief Hero, being the fourth Hero who fought the Black Mage. To ”celebrate” the Renegades updates, a new world has opened: Renegades. There are also some new events which have started, along with ongoing events that started during the last update. Please read on!

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Jett Revealed!

As of today, the first actual gameplay footage of Jett has been released by Nexon! Actually, the video was already uploaded to YouTube by Spadow yesterday. I don’t know if he was supposed to do that.. However, many people dislike the gameplay of Jett. They say her skills are ”copied” from other classes. That could be true, but guys, please PLAY Jett before complaining about her… Those people who can only say ”Jett sucks!” and stuff like that are so annoying! I’ll just wait and see (:

If you haven’t seen the gameplay video yet, here you go!


Since there isn’t much going on last weeks, except the release of Jett which is almost there, I’ll just keep posting the teaser videos of Jett. So that will probably one more post. Now just wait for the last box to be unlocked!

Happy Mapling!


P.S: KMS has just released a new character, called Luminous! Luminous is the Mage Hero, the fourth (and last) Hero. He uses a Shining Rod as primary weapon, and an Orb as secondary weapon. He attacks with the power of dark and light…

Jett Teaser Video #2!

Today it’s June 15, so the second Teaser Video of the upcoming character Jett has been released! You can view it down here :)



Again, the video’s not that beautiful as KMS’s videos, but I mustn’t complain, I can’t even make something like this.. Now we’ll have to wait until June 22 for the next video! I hope Nexon will show us some gameplay soon!

Oh, there’s one more thing I want to share with you. Week one of the Bounty Hunter event has ended two days ago. Congratulations to Grindelwaldx of Demethos for being the ”Top Bounty-Hunter”! This week, from June 13 to June 19, Zombuddy has to be defeated. So get your weapons ready and kill those criminals!


Happy Mapling!