GMS v.144 – RED: Zero

[Update]: I have added a video at the Skills section of this post where I show you some of Zero’s skills.

Recently, the new update featuring the new playable character Zero was released, and I finally have time to write a post about it, because of the winter break, yay! Anyway, along with Zero, a new area called Commerci has been added as well. Please read on!

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RED: Zero – Update Highlights

RED’s second update, Zero, has been announced. This new playable character is being released on December 18th and Nexon has published the Update Highlights and a trailer of the update.

Oh, and before I show you the Update Highlights, I want to say this: I’m truly sorry I haven’t published a post about the first RED update, First Impact, yet. Again, the problem is that I’m just too busy to spend enough time on my blog. I will, however, upload a video of the new Explorer’s tutorial, and I will write a post about Zero, when it’s released.

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