Happy First Anniversary & Vacation!

As of today (July 20), my blog already exists for one whole year! Last year, on July 20 I decided to start this blog. Back then I didn’t think I would maintain this blog all the time, but now I realize I did! Thank you guys for all your visits and comments, this made me willing to go on with my blog. I hope my blog will remain active for at least one more year! Again, thank you guys! :)

Now, something different. Tomorrow I’m going on vacation to Austria for two weeks, although I’m leaving home today. Since I’m taking my laptop with me, I think I will be able to keep you guys informed on what’s going on in MapleStory. However, my posts will be coming with a delay, since there are other important things to do there! Maybe I can’t post at all, because I’m not sure yet if there’s wi-fi… Anyway, if I cannot blog over there in Austria, please note I’ll be back on August 4. Hope to be able to blog again soon!



One thought on “Happy First Anniversary & Vacation!

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