Champions – Events

Many events have started since the Champions update was released, and in this post I’m discussing them all. Well, only the ones that have already started. The others will come later. Please read on!

Charity: Water Events (September 25 to October 9)

There are currently two charity events going on to help bringing water to the people of Rwanda. To participate in these events, your character has to be level 13 or higher.

Water from Droplets

Accept the quest [Charity: Water] Water from Droplets from Cassandra. All you have to do is collect 200 Clean Water Droplets.

When you’re done collecting the Droplets, you get experience, based on your level.

Water Wash


Another simple event. Accept the quest [Charity: Water] Water Wash from Cassandra. Cassandra gives you a Jug of Contaminated Water. Keep it in your inventory for 30 minutes, and it will then turn into a Jug of Clean Water.

Cassandra will give you a buff as reward:

Lv. 1-30: HP +500, DEF and MAGIC DEF +100
Lv. 31-70: HP +1000, DEF and MAGIC DEF +200
Lv. 71-200: HP +1500, DEF and MAGIC DEF +300

I guess both event quests are repeatable right after you’ve completed them.

Log in and Win Event (September 25 to October 16)

This event basically gives you some rewards every day. You just have to accept the quest Login and Win! from the Maple Administrator, and she will give you:

Out of this Gift Box, you can randomly get:

  • Scroll for Gloves for ATT/M. ATT 60%
  • 2 Star Enhancement Scrolls
  • Lucky Day Scroll
  • Daily Buff Coupon
  • Refined Magnifying Glass
  • Sunrise Dew x10
  • Reindeer Milk x10
  • 6 types of trait items

Homecoming 2012: Part 1 (September 25 to October 24)

This event is actually another coin-related event. It has various quests for you to complete, which will give you Homecoming Coins to spend at Inkwell’s Homecoming shop. More about this shop at the end of this event’s part.

Note that the coin rewards are doubled in weekends.

Maple Sports Celebration

Very simple! Accept the quest [Homecoming] Maple Sports Celebration to obtain 1x Homecoming Coin. This quest is completable once a day.

Homecoming Food for Wonky!

Accept the quest [Homecoming] Wonky’s Nutritional Needs from Wonky. He ask you to bring 30 of a specific item. The items he can ask for are:

  • Spicy Rice Cake
  • Spicy Chicken Piece
  • California Roll
  • Carbonated Drink

After you’ve collected the items, Wonky will give you experience, based on your level, and one of two buffs, also based on your level:

  • Lv. 1-30
    Wonky’s Special Cheer: ATT & M.ATT +40 / Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.
    Wonky’s Sporty Cheer: ATT & M.ATT +20 / Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.
  • Lv. 31-70
    Wonky’s Special Cheer: ATT & M.ATT + 60/Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.
    Wonky’s Sporty Cheer: ATT & M.ATT + 30/ Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.
  • Lv. 71+
    Wonky’s Special Cheer: ATT & M.ATT + 80/ Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.
    Wonky’s Sporty Cheer: ATT & M.ATT +40/ Movement Speed +20 / Jump +10 for 30 Min.

Chilly Down

Accept the quest [Homecoming] Chilly Down from Gaga. He gives you a Sports Drink. After waiting 30 minutes, the drink will turn into a Frozen Sports Drink. Turn it in to Gaga, and he will give you experience, based on your level, and 1x Homecoming Coin.

Gourd Breaker

At every 5th and 35th minute of an hour, an envelope appears above your character’s head. Click on it, and you’ll be teleported to the waiting room, before the fight with the Gourd. 

There will be most likely many other people as well, so the fight won’t be that hard.

After you’ve defeated the gourd, you can talk to Headmaster Ferdi to receive 4x Homecoming Coin.

Seven Min. Monster Mop-Up

This quest was either placed under the wrong event at the Patch Notes, or it started too early. Anyway, the goal of this quest is to defeat 200 monsters from around your level in 7 minutes.

Start the timer by accepting the quest [Homecoming] Seven Minute Monster Mop-Up. As reward you will receive 1x Homecoming Coin.

Inkwell’s Homecoming Shop

Inkwell’s included in an event again! This time Inkwell sells Equipment, scrolls and other stuff for Homecoming Coins. The stats of the equipments are nice again :)


Class Events (September 25 to November 13)

There are actually seperate events for all classes (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Aran, Evan and Legends), but I decided to do it in two parts. I will include the first five classes in the first part, and the Legends classes in the second part. I am doing this, because there is barely any difference between the events of these five classes. To make it look clear, I put the rewards of the events in tables. I tried to do it as accurate as possible, because it took me quite a lot of time. Note that when I’m talking about Warriors, Magicians and Bowmen, I’m talking about the Knight of Cygnus versions as well.

SP Reset Scrolls

All revamped classes, exept the Legend classes, can receive an SP Reset Scroll.

Receiving a Ring and a Weapon

This part of the events actually consist of two quests. For the first quest an existing character has to be at least level 10, new characters have to reach level 50, and has to be one of the classes in the table. You can then complete  the quest and receive the ring for your class.

The requirement for the second quest is that you have completed the first one, and new characters have to reach level 75. After you’ve accepted and completed the quest, you can, as a Warrior, Magician or Bowman, choose between one of the two weapons available. As an Aran or Evan, you have only one weapon available. All the weapons are in the table as well.

To see the stats of all the equipment in this event, click the table below. I know I’m missing the stats of a few of them :(.


Equipment Boxes

At every five levels from level 10 – 40, and every ten levels from level 40 – 70, the classes in the table below can receive an Equipment Box. This box contains untradeable equipment for your character. Note that you can only receive the box at the exact level of the equipment. So you can’t receive the level 30 box anymore when you’re level 32, for example. However, you can open the box whenever you want.


[Edit] I forgot to mention this event applies for the Legends characters as well.

Endless Challenge

There’s another quest for the same classes again. For each X levels they gain, they get rewarded. In the table below you can see the amount of levels that are needed for the next reward.

Knight of Cygnus characters can compete until level 114, Explorer characters can compete until level 198.

Every time you complete this quest, you get the following items in the table below:

Chosen Blessing Potion: For 1 hour, increases STR/DEX/INT/LUK/Speed/Jump +10.

Job Advancement Rewards

And then there’s the last quest for these classes. For each Job Advancement you get (3rd, 6th and 9th for Evan), you can receive item. Earrings are rewarded for the 2nd (3rd) Advancement, a scroll is rewarded for the 3rd (6th) advancement, and one (or more?) Mastery Book is rewarded for the 4th (9th) Advancement. You can see the rewards in the table below.

Again, for the stats of all the equipment (including the Earrings), you can click on the table.


Re-Legendary the Legends Character Events (September 25 to November 13)

Last but not least, there are the events for the returned Legends Characters. There are not many, but they’re nice, though.

Go Legends Go!

This event gives your Legends character a buff. Accept the quest [Re-Legendary] Go Legends Go! from Maple Administrator. She will give you a buff, based on your class:

  • Three Cheers for Cannoneers

  • Greaties for Mercedes


  • Prayers for Demon Slayers

I just noticed the items all rhyme, haha.

Anyway, the buffs you get will be stored in your inventory, so you can save them for another moment. Also, after every five levels you gain, the buff will become better. At level 10, the buff gives you 10 Weapon Attack, and then, after every five levels, +1 Weapon Attack.


Always with the Teleport Rocks!

This event requires a Cannoneer, Mercedes or Demon Slayer which is level 30 or over. Accept the quest [Re-Legendary] Always with the Teleport Rocks! from Maple Administrator.

She will give you a Legends Space Rock. It lasts for 24 hours, and with it, you can teleport between Major Towns. After you used it, it has a cooldown of 30 minutes. This quest can be accepted once a day.


The Legend Returns

This event also requires a Cannoneer, Mercedes or Demon Slayer which is level 30 or over. After accepting the quest [Re-Legendary] The Legend Returns (?), you will be given a Legendary Ring. This ring can be leveled. Down here you can see a picture of a level one ring, and a picture of my maxed ring, which is around 8 or 9  months old already!




Those were all the events that are going on right now. When there are starting new events, I will put them in another post.

Happy Mapling!



P.S: In the Event window, I saw that two Hot Time events are coming up, one on September 29th, and one on October 6th.


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